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We create happy & adventurous places

Innovative, social, green, realistic and remarkable architecture for a changing world.

we have received awards & nominations

we have received awards & nominations !!!

smart & liveable cities

The city of the future is here. We believe in liveable cities, in smart, inclusive, and green urban life.

urban projects

your home

Homes are the essence of architecture. We love to provide homes for everyone, everywhere.

The next generation of skyscrapers? MVRDV revolutionizes with Vanke Headquarters competition win in Shenzhen

spaces that make you smile

Do you want to shop in a mountain? Sleep in a flower field? We create exciting and lovable commercial spaces.

shopping space big enough for you?

Densification for the city

Mixing functions is sustainable and brings economic and social success to a city.

Meet WERK mixed-used development

cultural beacons

Cultural buildings customised to all circumstances that allow institutions to intrigue, delight, and engage the public.

From museums to theatres to clubs, these spaces are what make urban life worth living.

spaces for all

Dreamscapes that are in reality museums, concert halls or libraries. The public realm is no longer boring.

spaces to live, work and play

Build a world -renowned global landmark

The most influential contemporary planning

Build a world-renowned global landmark

Build a world -renowned global landmark

The most influential contemporary planning

Resonance design

AA_Build a world -renowned global landmark

BB_The most influential contemporary planning

CC_Build a world-renowned global landmark